Located in East Victoria Park, 777 Clothing Alterations offer quick and friendly clothing alterations of excellent quality.

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About 777 Clothing Alterations

Joanie, of 777 Clothing Alterations started out in the fashion industry as a fashion designer and founding designer with the Merge collective. After many years in the business, she recognised the growing need for clothing alterations.

With the rise of internet shopping, off-the-rack fast fashion garments and the regular need for tailored business and special occassion pieces, more and more style-conscious people started coming to Joanie for help.

Today, Joanie has fit Perth clients for over a decade.

Whether you need your casual jeans hemmed, your party dress taken in or your business shirt cuffed, Joanie can help you achieve the perfect fit.

The secret to effortless style is well-fitting clothes. Every body is unique and inconsistent clothing sizes can be a nightmare, so don't waste time fitting into clothes, make the clothes fit you!

Joanie is a genius. I trust her with any garment and any material. Her tailoring is of the highest quality, plus fast turn-around and value for money. I always buy things with her in mind because anything can be altered!


  • jeans hems shortened
  • jeans button replacement
  • jeans zip replacement
  • take-in jeans at waist
  • patching jeans


  • trousers hems shortened
  • trousers hems lengthened
  • take-in trousers at waist
  • let-out trousers at waist
  • trousers zip replacement
  • sew button on trousers
  • sew on hook and eye on trousers


  • dress hems shortened
  • taking in dress side seams
  • shortening dress straps/shoulders
  • dress zip replacement
  • dress sleeve shortening


  • shirt hems shortened
  • taking in shirt side seams
  • shirt sleeves shortened
  • sew button on shirt
Address: 14 Hubert Street, East Victoria Park 6101 Mobile: 0422 222 743